Quick & Easy Tech Support

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High Quality Tech Support

Quick & Easy Support Offered in Multiple Languages

24/7 Support

Per Minute Billing - Never pay an Hourly Minimum for a 5 minute fix

No Deposits or Fees

For IT Technicians

Earn Up To $100/ Hour Working from Home

Work Your Own Hours

Live Networking & Support

Live Networking & Support for those "Hard to Handle situations".

Benefits Available After 3 Months Positive 4.5 or High Rating*

Bonuses Available**

Surge Hours Available During Peak Times***

Kilobytez Needs You!

Are you tech savvy enough to fix Windows, Mac, Linux, Printers, Routers, TV and other electronic items? If so, then providing phone support, chat support, Remote PC, or Onsite support may be for you. Earn an excellent wage while helping customers around the world!

*Benefits Available After 3 Months Positive (4.5 or higher rating) – IT Techs that are accepted to provide service to end users must receive a consistent rating of 4.5 stars or higher. After 3 months of being on the platform, with consistent ratings of over 4.5 stars, that technician is eligible to receive Medical Benefits, Vision, Dental and HSA.

**Bonuses Available – IT Techs are encouraged to hit weekly/monthly goals. If the goal is hit and it is done ethicially, then that IT Technician will be rewarded a bonus during that pay period. For example if a goal is set to initiate 250 calls/chats in the month, they have consistent high ratings, and have a minimum of 80 hours worked then that technician may be rewarded an added percentage of the overall earnings for that week or month. This is subject to change and bonuses are set in place by Kilobytez.

***Surge Hours Available During Peak Times – During times of “High Demand” from end users, the Kilobytez platform may offer surge pricing. Surge pricing will show up a 2X or 3X multiplier during high demands times. For example – if many end users are requesting help between 10am and 11am on a particular day, then the system may increase the BRPM ( Billed Rate Per Minute) from $0.77/minute to $1.54/minute. This is in accordance with the law of supply and demand. During the surge pricing technicians are able to make more money.

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